Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gwen & Hannah, Flower Girls Extraordinaire

Marydee had the great idea to have the flower girls come to her bridal shoot. Mabel took them to the beauty school to have their hair and nails done (I'm told it took 2 girls 45 minutes to do Hannah's hair - amazing since I can't get her to sit still for 3 minutes to do her hair). So although they may have been the cause of her being tardy to her photo shoot the photos are amazing. We haven't seen them all but the photographer sent this one to her before the wedding. An unsolicited plug for the photographer - Jimmy Bishop from St. George - you can find him on-line. He really did a fabulous job.

Aunt Marydee's Wedding...

The happy couple coming out of the temple.

Truly a history-making event. This is the first picture with the entire DWaldo and Mary Ellen Potter family since Shawn was 3 yrs. old. Amazing...

Hannah and Gwenny were the adorable flower girls. Hannah loved every minute of it.

Jacob was the ring bearer for the ring ceremony and took his job quite seriously. Unfortunately my seat was not in a good spot for getting the best photos - we'll have to add some others when we get them from someone else.

Polar Express '07

Another year aboard the Polar Express - this year Daniel volunteered as an elf again and Shawn was a reader. We all got to go to the dress rehearsal and Aunt Linda, Mindy, Uly, and Lucy joined us. We all had a great time.