Saturday, August 01, 2009

Jake's Eight

Jacob was baptized! As he left the dressing room he told me "That was simple." He got a set of scriptures and a twisty CTR ring. He decided that from now on he will listen to his parents and "be a good boy." We have every confidence that he will!

Pinewood Derby

Benjamin and Jacob did the Pinewood Derby. This year there were 19 entrants. They each won one of their heats but they didn't take the grand prize. Benjamin's car was a snake. Jacob's car was a missile with a driver.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hannah's Violin Recital

The big day finally came. We crowded into the multipurpose room in our old church building and watched everyone show their skills. Hannah was two years younger than the next youngest violinist and other than some stage jitters did a very fine job.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Guilty as charged. I'm a bad blogger. Here's the latest...

Hannah lost her first tooth this week. She will start kindergarten this fall so it is a little early but so far all of our kids are overachievers in the tooth department. Benjamin (age 9)is getting his 12 yr. old molars and Daniel...

just got braces today. But his isn't just any old simple case of braces. He has a "very challenging Class 2" overbite. Translation: After 2 teeth yanked (ouch), lots of money (ouch again), and up to 3 yrs in braces he will have a "functional" bite.

Shout out to cousin Madi...

Can't wait until we can play together. I really love NY!!