Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthdays & Spring Break

Daniel turned 14 on Tuesday and Benj turned 12 on Saturday. Daniel skied at PCMR on his birthday. Then we went to SG. Daniel spent the rest of time driving the dune buggy around the orchard. Who knew you could go 1000 miles around and around the orchard? Benj said he wanted to go shooting, fishing, and rapelling for his Birthday. Thankfully Uncle Russ was available and made it possible for us to do ALL OF ABOVE! Jacob and Benj caught a couple of trout and had Grandma cook them for breakfast. Daniel was the dutiful photographer. Hannah and Jacob liked shooting the .22, but Jacob was a little surprised by the .45. Abby and Grandma got to be better friends and she loves her new pink bunny from Grandma. Grampa told us a few stories of growing up Wayne County. We tried the automatic nutcracker at Uncle Mark's house. We cracked a half pound in 20 minutes.