Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Public Service Announcement/ Olympic Hoopla

OK - why didn't anyone tell me that doing your own landscaping is a royal pain in the neck? It has been way more work, way more expensive, and way more dirt in my house than I had ever imagined. So I just feel it my duty to warn you that if you are considering building - just go ahead and budget that landscaping in and pay some nice professionals to do the job, or better yet, buy an existing home which is already landscaped. This is especially important if you have 4 young children and decide to have heart surgery one summer and then adopt a baby from China the next summer. You've been warned.

Oh how I love the Olympics!! This is our opening ceremonies party at Grampa and Grammy's cabin. It has been so very fun to watch the Olympics and all of the little stories about China. I'm the sentimental type who cries when they tell the personal interest stories, I cry for the winners and the losers, and I cry for the national anthem - ok, I've even been known to cry for commercials at times. I just love the whole thing - and adding the China factor has made it that much more meaningful for us this year. It motivates me to strive for greatness. I guess I've missed my chance at the Olympics (ha ha) but I intend to at least try and improve my level of fitness (or lack thereof) in the days ahead.