Saturday, August 01, 2009

Jake's Eight

Jacob was baptized! As he left the dressing room he told me "That was simple." He got a set of scriptures and a twisty CTR ring. He decided that from now on he will listen to his parents and "be a good boy." We have every confidence that he will!


The Brown Family said...

Your family looks beautiful! Congrats Jake on making a big decision with your baptism.

We are planning a summer party for August 22 in Lehi. I have to reserve the park on Monday and then we'll post all the details on the yahoo group. I hope that you will be able to come!


Pete and Mare said...

Congratulations on Jacobs baptism! What a wonderful thing to be apart of as a person and as a family. I really enjoyed having jake in my primary class last year. He is very smart and a sweet boy. ~ marilee

Melissa said...

Good job Jacob! I'm confused- who is that handsome almost man standing by you??? Daniel is getting so tall- we really need to get together soon!

JENNIFER said...

your kids are growing up So fast