Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last week was Spring Break and we had a couple of birthdays. For Daniel's 13th birthday, Dad and Daniel went to Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian in Las Vegas. We were able to see Ben after the show and chatted for a few minutes. I think the last time Daniel and Ben spent much time together was when Ben babysat Daniel for us when he was in high school. Here's a picture of them now. We had a good time wandering around Vegas.

Benjamin turned eleven and he got a set of drivers that we had to try out at the golf course. Benjamin wanted to go shooting for his birthday so we got a target from Uncle Mark and we went shooting a couple of times. Benjamin is a pretty good shot with the .22 and he was able to handle the shotgun pretty well too.

We went for a hike up the red mountain. The girls went a little ways. Daniel went up the first knoll. Benj, Jacob and Dad went up to the first half.


Amylee said...

Jealous! I would love to see Phantom. It looks like you guys had a great spring break! Happy Birthday to both of those great boys.

I dunna ken said...

Wish we could've been there with ya'll! Sounds like a great adventure. Though I'm having a hard time picturing Benj. doing target practice.

M. Moore said...

Oh, my gosh! Is that cheesecake??? Everyone looks fab!